How is this a Hospital when the doctor (Dr. Priti) is your friend and an amazing guide. Inspiring, Influencing and yet sensitive to your case. We find Doctors in India ( typically enough experienced ones) who don’t listen, either they know it all or they don’t have time or just characteristically Indian where listening is an effort. But Dr. Priti was an exception. She heard us, instilled confidence at every stage and suggested ways and means to have a joyous journey of 39weeks for us as a family. Those extra tips to manage our first child with the new born will help us in a long way.
The staff seem all cloned to give the delightful experience. Every interaction has an emotional value attached and not just transactional. The nurses speak well, are polite, address each query and when in doubt get back to us after consulting the Dr. but seldom ignore you. The Maushi’s are exceptional, they look those elderly women in your families who are there to nurture you. I could ask Tea when I wanted and made it for me with all those caring attitude. They realise that I am all here and have no real big family support for those basic teas and coffees.
The Hospital room are like homes. The cleanliness and upkeep are to vouch for. What can I comment about food it comes from Dr’s home kitchen.

Overall 10/10 with loads of return love and affection to this family away from family, Sangita Hospital . Shagufta and I are super delighted to knock doors of every expecting families and refer them to Sangita Hospital.

May your hospital remain blessed as ever.Thanks
Abdul Syed (Head of Customer Experience, Mahindra & Mahindra) & Shagufta Syed (Lovely homemaker).

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Pregnancy , biologically and emotionally, is life changing or as said- rebirth of a woman, the time when she requires maximum support and understanding… And while passing thru this phase i was very lucky to be in the hands of Dr.Priti Vyas and Dr. Samir Vyas….Dr. Priti, simple, caring,master in her field, practical, any time approachable and on top a very good listener. She is the first Dr. I have met in my life who is so calm. A doctor usually hardly explains anything to you.. Just prescribes…but she would explain as to what is happening and why. No matter how silly your query is she would see to it that her answer comforts you. She has a unique way to understand a woman, physically and mentally. An amazing guide…. With a personal touch.
About Dr. Samir , Calm, expert, down to earth , approachable and a person with genuineness.
I also loved the sweet gestures from the parents of Dr. Samir. So worried about my food…whether i liked it or not.. Truly amazing and so much of a personal touch.. .
I would also appreciate the entire staff., so helpful caring and so patient.
For me this hospital is blessing as after all odds i received the best gift ever.. Thanks would be a very small word to return for what they have done for me… I wish Sangita hospital and each member of this family success in every stage of their life.
Sangita hospital… Or would say an Aashiyana where a happy joint family lives and welcomes the guest with open arms to help.




I forgot to thank you personally hence typing this message… I had one of the most awesome experience at sangita… initially I was very scared but had total trust in you which made my journey of 9 months very easy and beautiful… thanks a lot for the care, guidance and support… had a very homely feeling visiting sangita hospital special thanks to doctor Avinash and doctor Samir for their support and assistance….

Rima Desai


Super Experience !!! Thank you Dr. Priti and complete Sangita Hospital’s staff for treating me as part of family. You all converted my tough time in to smooth and memorable experience.You all have Great professionalism and humble behaviour.Special thanks to Dr. Priti for taking right decision at right time, for your friendly & cheerful visits.May you bring lot of beatiful lives to this world you are doing a fabulious job keep this going.
Mam thnx for bringing our baby safely in this world. We feel proud to trust you during journey of last nine months.
Thank you once again for everything from bottom of our hearts.

– Iram Khan (Cabin Crew) & Imran Shaikh ( IT – Manager)



Dear Dr Priti,

Its a girl!!!! For us its the world!!!!

Just over a year ago we walked into Sangita Maternity – Surgical Diagnostic Centre with a lot of doubt and apprehension that we could ever enjoy parenthood. And today we are walking out with our own bundle of joy!This could not have been possible without your guidance, expertise and support. Every visit to your clinic, filled us with hope and optimism of having our own sweet family some day. All the consulting sessions were very consistent with a high degree of professionalism. But what sets you apart is the ease of approachability.It is one thing to be great at your job, however imparting those skills to your team and inspiring them to consistently exceed in their day to day jobs is another thing altogether. You have built a team of nurses and support staff who are highly self driven to go the extra mile and support the patients.Overall, it has been a wonderful experience and amazing journey towards parenthood for us and we will highly recommend Sangita Maternity – Surgical and Diagnostic Centre Cheers to you and your excellent team!!!!


Krishnan, Vidya and Baby Ananya


“Dear Dr Priti,
I sincerely want to appreciate and Thank you for all the support and motivation that you have given me during those emotional times. You have been a GOOD MOTIVATOR and a HEALER.I would like to thank you and your Team from the Bottom of My Heart.I hope you Understand the experience with you can’t be jotted down in words as you have gone for me, far beyond my expectations.”

Zohra Lakhani
TCS, Mumbai


“A good maternity hospital is a primary need for any expectant mother .. While a mother births a child … The hospital births a mother . The entire circle from prenatal check ups , sonography , labour classes , pathological services all are under the same roof …above all an expert doc – Dr Priti, Dr Sameer , Dr Avnish !
The hospital is equipped to handle all complications .. And the doctors extremely skilled .Coming from an MNC corporate background, we expect very high standards of efficiency , cleanliness and professionalism . The hospital meets all these standards and more .The personalized postnatal care and handholding for nursing and baby care guidance is what distinguishes the hospital from the rest .Most reputed 5 star hospitals lack this . I wasn’t sent home until I was confident I will be able to manage on my own !The mothers are treated with yum home food directly from the doctors home and The army of support staff the nurses , the ‘ maushi s’ all are very well trained to encourage you and emotionally support you all the time.The doctors are available not only for medical guidance but also emotional support .I went in a nervous girl and returned as a confident mother! “

Thank you !
Deepavali Rao
Associate Director
Standard chartered Bank
‘We had gone to Dr. Priti’s office one fine day to tell her that we had decided to adopt and to complain of the worst PMS in the history of womankind. Her response was “Well, that’s great, you can adopt next time, because right now you are pregnant”. She was overjoyed for us for a full 5 minutes after which she immediately was all business-like and in worry mode while I was noting down instructions like an over eager front bench student. Dr.Priti is the classic Type A personality and being one myself I felt so safe and comfortable in her care. I won’t say I am prone to worry but if something needs to be done I would rather see it done and done now and not later. To me it felt like she thought of everything and took care of all possible eventualities. So I never had to worry at all. Ever.

She had answers and solutions for the smallest niggle as well as big scary issues. I had a minor blood anomaly, which is inconsequential in normal life, but it takes a grave turn when pregnant. Dr. Priti picked up the phone and chatted up the top hematologist in the city / country like he was her best friend to confirm the path she had already decided upon. If I start listing every time she did something outrageously kind and brave like that, I will be sitting here with the lap top all night.

As soon as I was in the second trimester and settled into the pregnancy she sent me packing to her friend who specializes in physical training for pregnant women. I was working out three times a week religiously till 2 weeks before the delivery date. Pregnancy had seemed so formidable, everyone telling you how your feet will swell, your back will hurt, your weight will skyrocket. Thanks to these two ladies, I had none of that. I had a breezy enjoyable comfortable pregnancy.

One of the most common questions I was asked as a pregnant woman was “Are you happy with your doctor?” My response always was “Yeah, are you kidding? You could wake up my doctor in the middle of the night and ask her to recite my medical history and she won’t even have to open her eyes and easily rattle it all off”.

It’s difficult to put into words how much I trust her. I don’t think of her as my doctor. I think of her as a mentor. She set me on the path she knew to be the best way forward to becoming a mother and she did that as a woman, as a mother and as a doctor. From how many nursing bras to buy, which breast pump, how many nappies, how to sit when you breast feed, she taught me everything that I needed to know.

Dr.Priti she always saw me, Chaya, the person. She looked at me not just as a uterus hatching an egg, but the working woman, the independent person, one half of a loving couple – with all the needs and wants that go with the territory.

I went to a few stores afterwards, struggling to find something, to give to her, as a token of my gratitude, and I failed to find something that could possibly convey what I feel. So instead I send her my love and blessings every single day. She will always be a part of my fondest memories. As soon as she birthed my daughter, she picked her up and said “Oh my god, Chaya. She looks exactly like Madhav!” and I could hear the smile in her voice. “

Chaya Budhraja Pai

Attorney at Law, Accenture.


“Shaoni’ our little princess came into this world in Dr.Priti’s confident hands. When we first went about looking for a gynaec and a maternity hospital we were looking at the best possible medical care, end-to-end one-stop solution throughout the entire pregnancy period and of-course the experience & personal touch of the doctor & her staff. Thankfully we got everything we possibly wanted at Sangeeta under the able stewardship of Dr.Priti..Once again many thanks for being instrumental in getting God’s best gift to us that us filled our lives with so much joy & happiness!”

Kashyap Gala
Group Product Manager
Johnson & Johnson Consumer India

Kunjal Gala
IB – French & English Faculty

“Its been almost 30 yrs that i am linked with Sangita hospital… its Bcoz I was born here.Now when my turn came to be a mother I didnt ask or go to any other doc. Somehow I decieded to go to same place where I was born on 23rd Aug 1980.I was not able to conceive at begining. When I met Preeti Vyas doc, she was so cool and helpful she supported me guided me to correct path and I got great news of my life my first baby boy was in my arms on 12th Aug 2008. Thanks a lot doc most important thanks coz inspite of 12th Aug being ur birthday too, you were with me by delaying your birthday party function since the pain was for almost more than 12hrs. Still you stood by me till evening 7pm and then went for your party. Its easy for some Gynac docs to finish the delivery by C-Section but you were so suppotive to wait for soo long and gave me safe normal delivery. Will never forget your birthday… and I and my son will call u every year to wish u.
That was my first child experience. on 5th Nov 2011 again I got news for second pregnancy. Again with ur guidance and support my second pregnancy was safe and normal.Also your hospital staff including the moushis nurse and cleaners all are soft spoken and helpful with one ring of bell.My husband and I are happy with my two sons…. I know even u have Ram Lakshman jodi… and even I am blessed same by grace of God.I hope and pray for your family happiness and good health always.

Thanks once again.