Dr Samir & Dr Priti Vyas

Dr.Priti Samir Vyas

An M.D. in Obstetrics & Gynecology from the prestigious Mumbai University, Dr Priti Vyas pursued higher specialization in Endoscopic surgery from Clermont Ferrand, France. She has over Twenty years of experience in maternity care and a unique ability to understand physical, emotional and social needs of a woman. She is also a Consultant at BSES MG GLOBAL HOSPITAL ,SURYA HOSPITAL & HINDUJA KHAR HOSPITAL.

Dr. Priti has also been continually involved with guiding married couples in her practice of fertility.Dr Priti Vyas is the founder of ‘One-to-One Guidance Centre’ and she is India’s first gynaecologist trained in treating Female Sexual Dysfunction. She has given lectures on Family Happiness, Teenagers Sexual development, Female Sexual Dysfunction at various medical conferences. She has been on the panel for adolescent girl child, health care (Asia level). She has spoken on various women related issues at Goldman & Sachs,TCS and various corporates.
Dr Priti Vyas conducts seminars and workshops on various topics like Ensuring Successful Marriage,Womens Intimacy Issues,Understanding Your Teenager,Managing Career without affecting Family Happiness and Women’s health awareness programs. A warm, sensitive and caring professional with sharp medical acumen, Dr Priti has consistently incorporated a pragmatic approach to the needs of a woman. She has the perfect attributes and capability to fit into the role of a modern counsellor and guidance expert.

Dr Samir A Vyas

Dr Samir Vyas, a practicing Radiologist, specialises in ultrasound and color doppler studies.His focus area is fetal medicine.

His passion drives him to conduct ‘Pre-Marriage Guidance programs’-aimed at young to be married couples.He plays a key role in Counselling and guiding couples in their relationship issues. Being an eMBA in Healthcare Management, he plays a vital role in designing various programs for “One to One Guidance Centre”.

A qualified psychological counselor with a passion to reach out and help young couples,Dr Samir,was saddened to see the growing number of dysfunctional marriages around him.And out of this passion was born www.TheSacredVows.com. TheSacredVows.com is a online portal for pre-marital counselling to give guidance to individuals and couples on their marriage and intimate issues.

Dr Samir Vyas is a well regarded speaker and gives lectures, conducts workshops and seminars on ‘Enhancing Marriages’,The Secret of Successful marriages’and ‘Discovering harmony in Marriages”