Pre-Marriage Guidance Program

Every couple getting married thinks they will live happily ever after. Only one out of two couples actually will.For too long it has been too easy getting married. Most people spend more time getting their driving license than they do preparing for marriage! In marriage, each partner expects his or her emotional, sexual, financial, social and spiritual needs to be fulfilled. But in reality they rarely discuss them before marriage. More importantly couples never even express or show serious they are about their expectations of each other.We facilitate open discussions between couples on their expectations of their marriage.The Pre-Marriage Guidance Program is a Indian values based, scientific and culture specific program, the pre-marriage guidance chapter aids in making marriage work while it brims towards success.

We set forth on this program under the able guidance of Dr Priti & Dr Samir Vyas; a professionally trained &happily married couple. Here are some of the program’s salient features:Based on the latest research, psychological analysis, discussions and valued suggestions, the program is charged with the guarantee at making your marriage a success.

This program is also conducted in Gujarati language on request(Safal Lagna ni Chavi).

Women’s Intimacy Issues Guidance Program™

   India’s first exclusive Female Sexual Dysfunctions Treatment and Therapy Centre.

Intimacy Issues not only affect a woman’s quality of life, self-image and relationships but these can also prove to be indicators of a serious underlying medical disease.Women’s Intimacy Issues™ and sexual dysfunction affects 43% of women of all age groups and all social strata. And yet, this continues to be one of the most under diagnosed medical problems in the world today. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of the treatment is taking the first few baby steps in acknowledging the problem and seeking help.

Commonly seen issues are:

  • Desire Disorder – absence or reduced interest in sex(I don’t feel like having sex with my partner)
  • Arousal Disorder – having trouble getting sexually aroused.(I want to enjoy sex but cant)
  • Orgasm Disorder – Absence or delay of pleasure(I cant come-cant have peak pleasure)
  • Pain Disorder – Persistent pain during intercourse(I have significant pain during sex)

Also emotional issues affect women at different life stages eg.:

  • Sexuality after 50 years of age or after menopause.
  • Sexuality after having children.
  • Impact of career on sex.
  • Extra marital relationships.
  • Single woman issues
  • Communication issues between the couple.

Teen Counselling

Adolescents have a lot of unaddressed issues.We address issues of Teens and counsel them as well as their parents.’How to handle your teenager’ is a very popular program.

We train doctors(Ob/Gyn) across India and empower them to conduct trainings and awareness programs in colleges and schools.